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Located only 126 km from Jessore Airport and 41km from satkhira district , Hotel Mangrove Paradise is the next best thing in the world largest mangrove Sundarban. This is a unique hotel with a mystical jungle atmosphere set on the Sundarbans is a vast forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal which is one of the natural wonders of the world. The property provides spectacular views of the ocean, river, pools and jungle.


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Bangladesh is famous for it’s delicious food and desserts. Specialty of Bangladeshi food is they are spicy. Rice is the main Bangladeshi food. Rice, fish curry, and lentil is the most common traditional Bangladeshi food for general people. Bangladesh is also famous for it’s desserts. You will find dozens of sweets, rice cakes, rice puddings, and many other desserts in Bangladesh, mostly made from rice and cow milk. It is a paradise for the food lovers.



Owned by business magnate Ajom Munshi, Mangrove Paradise is a beautiful hotel nestled in the Cole close to the Sundarbans. It holds a lovely romantic restaurant with excellent service, situated in an oasis with verdant landscaping. Offering expansive panoramic views that will take your breath away, Kanoun Restaurant serves local and international meals in a variety of spots around the hotel, including river side, on the rooftop or somewhere private — perfect for lovebirds. If you’re not a guest of the hotel, you may visit for lunch, but reservations are required.

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Zahidur Rahman Badhon Our Customar

The restaurant environment is very impressive, which is a tranquil tranquility in mind

Shekh Sharif Hasan Our Owner

Hotel Mangrove Paradise foods Bangladesh is rebranding the family-style casual dining experience by making it more approachable without compromising on quality service.

Muhammad Arafat Our manager

This is a typical Bengali restaurant in Shyamnagar, as the name suggests. The place is popular who flock to the restaurant

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